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Unlock the full potential of your recordings in minutes - transforming them into high-quality, repurposable content in minutes. Save time, expand your reach & audience, and grow your business and content with Flowsend.

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Maximize Your Content's Impact

Each recording holds immense value. Our AI-powered platform repurposes your content to boost reach and engagement effortlessly, generating engaging, multi-format content that resonates with your target audience.

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Simplify Content Creation

Effortless Content Creation in Your Voice, Powered by AI

Flowsend's AI transforms your audio and video into diverse, high-quality content that saves you time and grows your audience.

Instant transcripts
Quickly import recordings for seamless, accurate transcription and speaker identification.
AI-Powered Transformation
Our AI analyzes your recordings, generating engaging, contextually rich text assets tailored to your audience.
Customize and Publish
Effortlessly tweak your content with Precision Polish and our intuitive text editor, then publish directly to your preferred platforms.
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Content Creation Made Easy

Meet Flowsend: Where AI Meets Creativity

Our platform leverages advanced AI to streamline your podcast content creation. Transform audio into blog posts, social media content, and more, all while maintaining your unique voice and context.

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Flowsend Intelligence
Flowsend automatically selects among multiple AI models to ensure top-quality outputs for each content type, from social media posts to quotes blog posts to in-depth articles.
Targeted Tuning
Customize your content effortlessly. Let our AI assist you in changing formats, refining tones, and extracting more insights with ease, and in a fraction of the time.
Flowsend Library
Access a collection of templates and best practices to maximize your content. Generate diverse outputs, extract unique insights, and create custom templates to suit your needs.


Loved by creators

"We spent a lot of money and time on manual timestamps and summaries for over 180 episodes of ‘The G2 on 5G Podcast,’ and couldn’t repurpose content well. Flowsend now handles this efficiently, offering summaries, detailed timestamps, and repurposable content in our style and tone, engaging our audience and clients and helping us grow our listenership. I have been trying to find the most efficient workflow possible to plan, create, and publish my content consistently - and Flowsend provided the missing puzzle piece I’ve been looking for."

Anshel Sag
Host, The G2 on 5G Podcast

"This platform has made such a positive impact on our workflow. It provides a powerful, elegant and flexible way to boost our productivity. Love the combination of features - an all in one solution to crafting our post-recording content."

Andy Cleff
Host, Agile Uprising

"Flowsend has dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes for us to take a podcast from start to finish. We're seeing time spent per episode being regularly reduced by 60%+. It has become a key tool in our delivery and promotion of audio content."

Jon Franko,
Host, The Manufacturing Employer; Founder, Gorilla76.

"With all of our repurposed podcasts and live shows that air on Yergz Radio, and elsewhere, we’re now able to get so much better meta data into our episodes, that the amount of plays in each have jumped almost immediately!

This increased listener hours on Yergz Radio and in our own beta test for Rainbow Radio!

But don’t forget, the amount of time compiling all of that data went from a few hours per episode, to a few clicks of the mouse per week! And for much better info than we’d ever create. Flowsend gives us Quality, Efficiency and ultimately, Quantity since we’re now able to drop more episodes in a shorter amount of time. But don’t worry! The Flowsend UX is simple, organized and equally as efficient as its ai!"

Ross “Yergz” Yerger
Founder, Yerger Group

Effortless Content. Powerful Results.

The all-in-one AI sidekick to help you grow your content & audience

Use Flowsend to craft show notes, blog posts, and clip segments that highlight your best moments. It's like having a dedicated content team at your fingertips.

Social Media Posts
Engage your audience with compelling, concise posts crafted from your audio and video content, perfect for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, X, and LinkedIn. Maximize your reach across all major platforms with tailored content.
Blog Posts and Articles
Turn your recordings into in-depth blog posts and articles, driving traffic and showcasing your expertise.
SEO Optimized Keywords
Boost your visibility with SEO-friendly keywords tailored from your content, ensuring you reach the right audience.
Show Notes & Epsiode Descriptions
Enhance your podcast with detailed show notes and episode descriptions, making your content accessible and engaging.
Provide precise timestamps for your audio and video content, allowing your audience to navigate effortlessly.
Clips & Quotes
Highlight key moments with eye-catching clips and memorable quotes, perfect for sharing and promotion.
Transform your content into engaging newsletters that keep your audience informed and connected.
Generate attention-grabbing titles that capture the essence of your content and entice your audience.

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